“Robinson Crusoe” Holistic Retreat is a 6-day vacation for the soul, body and mind (7.9. – 12.9. / 2018.). The program of the retreat is based on a daily holistic approach which involves yoga, meditation & breathwork sessions, holistic exercises for the strengthening of personal energy and regeneration of organism, Japanese shiatsu bodywork massages, and delicious, fresh and organic meals prepared according to macrobiotic philosophy principles with elements of Mediterranean cuisine.

This unique and unforgettable retreat organized by the Rainbow Garden team is taking place on the small, magical island of Biševo. The island is poorly populated and distant to civilization vibes, extremely clean and untouched pearl of the Adriatic coast, with it’s worldly known Blue Cave. The pleasantly warm sea, crystal blue and green in color, fresh sea air and scent of islands herbs will fill you with rarely found primordial and utter beauty.


* Daily morning holistic exercises

* Daily meditation and breathing exercises

* Daily evening restorative yoga session

* 60-min bodywork sessions – shiatsu massage

* Workshop on macrobiotic philosophy & practice

* Holistic diet & lifestyle counseling

* Fresh, nutritious & organic daily meals

* Special herbal potions & teas

* Visiting hidden caves

* Yoga sessions on the beach

* Personal care to each and every participant

* 5-night accommodation under millions of stars


* Hatha/Restorative

* Ashtanga/Vinyasa

* Tao/Yin

6 days with instructions in English

Spoken languages: English, Italian, Croatian

Skill level: beginner/intermediate/advanced


During the retreat, we will stay in custom & build-by-hand natural cottages made of stone and wood, overlooking the Adriatic sea, which is just a few meters away, so you can enjoy your sleep with only the hypnotic sound of waves softly singing in the sheer silence of the night. Each eco-shelter (3 of them total – 2 shelters with 1 double bed in each, and 1 shelter with 2 double beds, each double bed in a separate/non-shared room) has its own toilet and shower which is under the sky and a private terrace with an astonishing view which you will remember forever. 🙂 In the main house, designed in an island’s organic style, there are the reception, large living room with kitchen and the rooftop area for dining or relaxing tea party.

Biševo is a small island, area of 6 square km, with little more than 10 permanent inhabitants living there throughout the whole year (the number grows during summer months). It is the gem of nature design and most know for the magnificent Blue Cave. There are also Green Cave, (Mediterranean) Monk Seal Cave, and in total 26 caves throughout the entire shore of the island, which is how the name Biševo (L’isola dei busi) originated. There are 7 small villages on the island which is mainly cultivated with cultures such as vine, olives & figs. We are located in magical and peaceful Salbunara cove, which is just a 10 minutes walk (over the small monticule) from a nearby village of Porat, a place with another beautiful sandy beach & turquoise sea where tourists visiting the island gather during the day. There is a bar on the beach and a restaurant close by. Since the island of Biševo is relatively remote on an open sea, we get rare opportunity to fully enjoy contemplation with only natural sound & scent. View of sunrise and sunset on the horizon, millions of stars covering the night sky. Pure & full of life.


Thomas Abelar (Tomislav Mađar) is a psychologist (MA), Yoga & Macrobiotic teacher, Shiatsu bodywork practitioner, holistic lifestyle coach and the founder of Rainbow Garden. With a rich experience in personal and collective dynamics support, leading yoga & holistic exercises classes and conscious cooking workshops, his style of intuitive and direct transmission of knowledge and information will leave you motivated and curious, which are exactly the prerequisites needed for any transformation to take place. His passion is Life itself, but the real & undescribable Love – his most beautiful twin daughters.

“I enjoy raw nature, sailing and cooking – they all give me space & freedom to just be, to explore my limits and fill me at the same time with the sensation of complete inner silence and peace. I appreciate being in that state.”


Jelena Buljan is a Journalism graduate who after many years of media exposure turns to the world of spirituality. Being a certified Yoga teacher, specialized in Ashtanga vinyasa style and known for her sense of precision, she leads group and private yoga classes and while doing so she emits the most healing energy. As a Reiki energy work practitioner, she gives very pleasant Shiatsu bodywork treatments as well. Her passion is nature, truth, and love…

“I enjoy in the beauty that surrounds me – a nice atmosphere, good food and people of good will. The most joyful moments I have are those of efficient yoga classes or shiatsu treatments – for me, to be able to help someone is to fulfill my life’s mission. I’m looking forward to meeting you on this holistic retreat – because that’s exactly what awaits you there. 🙂 See you!”


This transformational retreat is designed to be flexible according to the needs of the group, it is held at the pristine and unspoiled location far from civilization as we know it, free of noise or light pollution, we eat highly vibrational food and do gentle, yet profoundly effective energy exercises to rise up natural healing abilities of our organism and support wellbeing on all levels. We also have spontaneous talks on all matters of holistic lifestyle, including food recommendation, psychological support & counseling on subjects such as relationships, sexuality, physical & spiritual health, topics about yoga, meditation, breathwork and everything else that may interest you in the domain of self-support & self-regulation. Natural sounds, sensations and environment will assist us to tune into our true Self and discover some valuable inner treasure, that we often forget about when dealing with an ordinary reality full of obligations, noise and tensions of all kinds. The retreat is specially designed to relax & reset your system, support your inner strength and prepare you fully for the challenges that lay before you, so you can manifest your dreams with ease and joy, knowing that Love is always at your side. These settings are the perfect support for new you to be born.



07:45 / good morning tea

8:00 / holistic & breathing exercises *

09:00 / forenoon meal

10:00 – 17:00 // free time

11:00 / shiatsu massage **

17:00 / afternoon feast

20:00/ yoga class *

21:00 / meditation & pranayama

22:00 / good night tea


* attendance of all sessions is not a requirement, choose it freely, according to your own personal preferences (we suggest to attend all classes for the maximum benefit)

** exact time and day of your massage will be scheduled on the date of your arrival


Yoga classes are led by Jelena & Thomas who are both experienced teachers with many years of practice and study of the subject. Aldo their style is Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa based, with years they evolved in their understanding of Yoga and created their own approach to the practice of yoga, so you can expect different yoga styles on different days. All classes are multilevel designed sessions meaning both beginners and those more advanced in their practice will feel equally challenged and supported during these yoga sessions. As you already know, Yoga classes are constructed and led in a way to start with general warming-up and sun-salutation sequence, followed by series of different yoga postures (asanas), linked with conscious breathing throughout the session. These create even more warming-up of the whole system and sweating in order for the organism the get rid of build-up toxins and open-up for the fresh and free energy flow through the entire system, supporting your oxygen intake and lung capacity. The entire heart area gets expanded and opened up, freed of blockages and heaviness. In the end, we lay down in a relaxation pose, for the peaceful integration of the process that we initiated with our practice. This is for the yogis the most beautiful moment of surrender, bliss, and harmony of the body and mind, a very pleasant feeling of complete relaxation as a reward for our efforts. Enjoy! 🙂

Holistic exercises classes are led by Thomas. They are similar to yoga in terms of conscious movement and breath but different in a way. These sessions are based on Do-in (Tao Yin) – a holistic system of exercises whose roots go into far-reaching history and are based on the idea of a spiritually free man (Shin-Shen-Do) – the way of physical, mental and spiritual development. From intuitive movements that have grown in Do-in form as we know it today, almost all physical, mental or spiritual self-development practices were born – such as yoga, meditation, martial arts, … The uniqueness of these exercises is manifested in a fact that everyone can practice them, as they are not physically demanding. They are combination of holistic & meditative exercises of meridian stretching (energy flow pathways), alchemical breathing & energy exercises, healing sounds, eyes & face exercises, self-massage & internal organs healing techniques, intentional focus on inner silence and self-regulation on a horizontal & vertical axis of our being. Exercising Do-in, energy flow within a person quickly adapt to optimum psychophysical functioning, thus supporting health, rejuvenation and self-awareness. A growing sense of vitality, harmony and inner peace is accompanied by experiences that increasingly integrate into a holistic and authentic personal expression.

Meditation & pranayama (breathwork, mastering one’s breath) are usual, intertwined part of any yoga & holistic exercises session, but are also done alone as a special session in the evening, to facilitate and support even further the integration of the whole day work, prepare the body for relaxed evening and restful sleep. Good night. 🙂


An hour-long bodywork session will be performed by Thomas (Shiatsu massage), who is certificated professional in the field. Treatment is highly rejuvenating for the whole system and will put you in a deep relaxation state of body and mind. You could experience some new insights within yourself, feel discharge of some negative energy that you may hold in yourself, and as a result – vibrant and joyful feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. Your energy levels will noticeably go up since there will be new space and understanding created within yourself.


Food prepared and served at the retreat is made of organic, highly nutritious, healthy & fresh groceries which we purchase at the eco market and bio stores. These high quality and natural food will be cooked for you according to the holistic 5 elements philosphy of macrobiotic and vegetarian/vegan cuisine. The meals could consist of Japanese miso soup as an appetizer, whole grains with roasted seeds, several types of vegetables processed in the manner of mating, simmering, frying or blanching, and some legumes mixed in colorful and rich salad. The holistic meals are prepared by Thomas. Also, traditional Mediterranean cuisine and seafood can be prepared for those of you who are interested. Think homegrown olive oil, fresh fish, sweet and delicious vegetables, rosemary – can you feel it? 🙂


* Ante Meridiem / forenoon meal

* Post Meridiem / afternoon feast

* Fruit, tea & snack / all day

This retreat is vegetarian-friendly, but fish and seafood can be served upon request.

If you have special dietary requirements it’s a good idea to communicate it to the organizer when making a reservation.


* Visiting the world famous Blue Cave

* Discovering secluded beaches and other hidden caves

* Excursions with the boat around the island

* Guided trekking and collecting wild spices and herbs

* Trip to the little island of Brusnik with traditional sailboat Falkuša

* Exploring the island and climbing the highest peak (240m)

* Swimming, sunbathing and enjoying life 🙂


If coming with the plane, please book your flight to arrive at Split Airport (SPU).

Split Airport to Split Port (30min by bus): from Split Airport you can take a ride with an airport bus and arrive at Split Port (cost of 30KN / 4,00 EUR).

Split Port to the island of Vis Port (2h20min by ferry): In Split Port take a ferry which will transfer you to Vis Port at the island of Vis (cost of 54 KN / 7,30 EUR). The ferry ride to Vis island from Split takes 2.5 hours and passes nearby the beautiful island of Brač and Hvar. The ferry departures from Split Port at 9:00 hours and will arrive at Vis Port in the capital town of Vis at 11:20 hours.

Town of Vis to town of Komiža (15min by bus): Once you arrive in Vis Port (town of Vis), you can choose to spend lunchtime in the town of Vis or you can sit on a bus and head directly for the town of Komiža. The bus station is in front of the ferry, waiting for you – take a bus ride to Komiža (cost of 25 KN / 3,40 EUR), town on the other side of the island, 10 kilometer distance from the capital town of Vis. You should come to town of Komiža not later than 15:00 hours in order to catch a boat ride to your final (retreat) destination, the island of Biševo.

Town of Komiža to the island of Biševo (1h by small boat): In Komiža Port a small boat called “Pruga” will transfer you to the island of Biševo (cost of 25 KN / 3,40 EUR). The boat departures from Komiža Port at 15:30 hours (3:30 PM). Once you come to the island of Biševo, the boat will first make a very short stop at Mezuporat village, but you get off on the second stop – in Salbunara village – at 16:35 we are there waiting for you!

As soon as you step on this magical shore of Biševo island, your effort to come all the way to this point will immediately transform to pure happiness, you have our guarantee on this! Tonight you will sleep like a baby – only sea waves humming and millions of stars shining just for you… Welcome traveler, your journey has begun. 🙂

Stay tuned for the upcoming retreats. It’s gonna be wild & gentle at the same time. Just perfect. 🙂 Let us know you are interested by sending us your message – click on the blue button above. Yeah, you can share your favorite joke as well, extra discount if we find it funny! 😉