”RAINBOW CARAVAN” is a 6-day (06.09.2020. – 11.09.2020.) special edition of Infinite Rainbow retreat & adventure series, taking place in Croatia.

It’s a unique road-trip with VW vans, starting in Zagreb, ending in Split, direction north >>> south! 🙂

Well, that’s the official part. Unofficially, the adventure begins one day before, on Saturday evening in Zagreb and ends on the island of Vis (since there is no fixed date in this unofficial part, nobody knows when this adventure actually ends:))! We gonna have some fun enjoying the summer night vibes in the capital city while we all gather and meet for dinner. Next morning, Sunday, we leave it all behind, starting the engines and heading for the south into the adventure! Yaaas!

Fast forward (you’ll read the whole trip agenda & plan below) –  we end the retreat in Split (what a night that will be!), leave the vans and hop on a ferry which will take us to Vis island where we will continue to enjoy all the riches of the island life, including some more yoga & meditation practice, riding with motorbikes, cruising with a boat to a nearby magical island of Biševo, dining at the local restaurants and have some fun and dance at the Goulash Disko festival happening at the exact same time of our stay there, in the paradise! Yes, it will be unforgettable. Epic!

capital city >> river >> mountain >> stary nights >> sea >> island >> music festival

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🙂 YOU IN? 

This adventure & retreat is about connection. With nature, with other people… with the power & fire within us. Power to create anything we want. And to nurture our ever-evolving Divine Self.

When we do the practice alone, it’s one thing – when we do it as a connected group, it’s completely another story. To get out of our well establishes mental & emotional routines, it takes effort. Now, the effort cannot be achieved by the force nor the will alone. It has to come from a different angle, a conscious move that can generate free energy needed for the repositioning and rewriting our story.

How do we go about doing that? Less is more.

These days of ours will be designed to go into simplicity mode of operating. Leaving the old habits behind and recreating our identity on a new platform that we call body-mind-soul.  A being free from expectations, immersed in the presence of the present. A gift we give to ourselves is the greatest one.

The secret of all traditions and inner work mastery is the ability to change our perception. To manipulate it consciously as to reach a new state of perceiving. A new perspective is the place of power. One would then have enough free energy to redefine the basic premises of their world & navigate safely into the new one. It is a task. A real one.

Now, let’s leave this philosophical intro aside for a moment, a see what’s the plan in practical steps towards our goal here.

It’s not just yoga or meditation or breathwork or a healthy diet or .. whatever. It’s who is guiding you into the practice, who is holding the space for you and with you. That’s what matters most. Good, authentic guidance nowadays is hard to find. I consider myself fortunate to have found one person in my 20 years of dedicated inner-studies who was Master of the Art/Life and lighted the Way for me. But I alone had to do the hardest part. Again, not to go into the “Alice Through the Looking Glass” story (since all the roads are leading us there eventually).

We will do holistic exercises & yoga in the morning, as a way of tapping into our energy system and stimulating the flow of the Life essence. The practice consists of some known and some unknown exercises to boost the change we are undertaking consciously. During the day, it’s road-tripping and enjoying nature, woods, mountain, fresh air, scenery, cooking together, having fun, swimming (river and sea), sleeping under stars, a bonfire perhaps, a poetry night or a one-time-only performance of our artistic impulses, sure. The music! Of course, it’s almost mandatory. As is the silence… the royal chambers of Silence we will visit every evening in our contemplation & meditation practice. But also during the night, as we dream new day into being.

There will be a lot of change on the way down to the south, and as we progress it will seem like the way goes up, into the higher states of operating. Lighter,  yet deeper at the same time.

From the Water element to the Air and the Earth, reaching the Fire in the end. From almost 1.000 meters hight all the way to the sea level, change of temperature and atmosphere, colors green, blue, yellow, pink, white, red …, fragrances of the mountain and the Mediterranean herbs will call you seductively into a trance, swimming in the river and salty sea, walking through different towns on our way to the south, communicating with different people, changing the place we sleep each night, always ready for whatever comes our way. It’s an adventure, you can sense it. All varieties of inputs will count in and produce a symphony, the blossom of the inner excitement. Now with this energy, we all gonna work through. Remember those philosophical lines before? At this point, they will get real.


Yoga & Holistic Exercises session

During the day
Short-distance drive in our vans. Exploring and enjoying nature, swimming, hiking, socializing, hangout, cooking lunch together,  dancing, art, music, taking photos, a painting class maybe (if there’s a painter in the crew), chilling in a hammock, contemplating on the purpose of life (you go girl/boy!), writing a book you always dreamt of creating, reading the “Laws of the Univers” (why not? it’s the right time to do so), free time. Be as you are. You got it. It’s a freestyle.

You will also get daily lectures on the main theme of Conscious Evolution delivered through topics such as conscious cooking, energy practices for health and vitality, metaphysical topics on Life, Spirit, Love.

Meditation & breathwork session


We start our morning routine with a class of YOGA – art & science of Life, an ultimate blend that supports our personal evolution in the most beautiful way – graceful integration of conscious breathing and movement on all levels of our being.

Mastering the movement of the mind which is reflected in our body language and directly connected with our breath patterns is one of the hardest, but sweetest practices one can do. The hardest part is in seeing our limitations, which ego usually has difficulties to accept. The sweetest part is letting go of those limitations and understanding the simple truth – they were never there in the first place. We inherited those limitations from believing that our surrounding is more real than we are because we lack deep self-awareness at those moments of our unconsciousness. Yoga brings that to the surface of the conscious mind in the form of revelations about ourselves, the world, and life in general. Our natural connection with the Source of all that is becomes stronger and stable with time, practice, and dedication. This is how Yoga supports the integration of different layers of our Being, making it whole and holy again. All it takes to succeed in that affair is burning desire and unbending intention for it to be so.

HOLISTIC EXERCISES are practice based on Do-in (Tao Yin), a holistic system of exercises whose roots go into far-reaching history and are based on the idea of a spiritually free man (Shin-Shen-Do) – the way of physical, mental and spiritual development. From intuitive movements that have grown in Do-in form as we know it today, almost all physical, mental, or spiritual self-development practices were born – such as yoga, meditation, martial arts, … The uniqueness of these exercises is manifested in the fact that everyone can practice them, as they are not physically demanding. They are a combination of holistic & meditative exercises of meridian stretching (energy flow pathways), alchemical breathing & energy exercises, healing sounds, eyes & face exercises, self-massage & internal organs healing techniques, intentional focus on inner silence and self-regulation on a horizontal & vertical axis of our being. Exercising Do-in, energy flow within a person quickly adapt to optimum psychophysical functioning, thus supporting health, rejuvenation, and self-awareness. A growing sense of vitality, harmony, and inner peace is accompanied by experiences that increasingly integrate into a holistic and authentic personal expression.

Each evening we will close with a session of guided HOLOGRAPHIC MEDITATION & PRANAYAMA.


The retreat starts at 9 AM on Sunday (6th) in Zagreb and will end at 9 AM on Friday (11th) in Split.

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Mr. Tomislav Mađar aka Tomi! The founder of Rainbow Garden, an MA in Psychology, Shiatsu bodywork therapist, Teacher of Holistic exercises, Yoga, Tao, Macrobiotic Philosophy & Practice, Holistic Lifestyle Designer, author of the School of Conscious Cooking and Elixiria Experience seminar. Tomislav is a former multiple champion of Croatia in judo martial art ~ in love with nature, sailing, music and design ~ inspired by endless love for his twin daughters.

With rich experience in personal and collective dynamics support, leading yoga & holistic exercises classes and conscious cooking workshops, his style of intuitive and direct transmission of knowledge and information will leave you motivated and curious, which are exactly the prerequisites needed for any transformation to take place. During the journey, Tomislav can be additionally booked for private shiatsu & holistic counseling sessions upon request.


We start in the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. From there the road will take us to a special place in the national park Plitvice, in a small village where you will be shown a secret place to swim in a crystal clear river with small waterfalls. We then continue to mystical mountain Velebit where fairies live and the magic is real. A view on the horizon and Adriatic sea.. priceless. Let’s go down to the seaside and along the way we will find special places to take a swim, cook, play, rest repeat. Visiting the city of Zadar and then driving just beside the sea all the time, we will reach the old town of Split. The scenery and the experiences – it doesn’t fit in the words well. It’s a live experience that will tell the story. Optional (unofficial part) is to go to island Vis (it’s where the Love happens), in the town of Komiža where the magic continues.

Komiža is one of the most beautiful small towns/villages in Croatia, located on the island of Vis, which has been marked as one of the ten most environmentally preserved islands in the Mediterranean by the World Organization for Environmental Protection & World Wildlife Fund. With its moderate and warm climate that allows for Tropical and Mediterranean vegetation, Vis island is also rich in natural sources of drinking water from the natural spring water reservoirs. Komiža is picturesque old fisherman’s town with the sunniest days in a year, hundred-year-old carob trees, plenty of olives and lemons, beautiful & charming stone houses, medicinal Mediterranean plants and vineyards which are covering the hillsides. A long fishing tradition goes back to the golden age of the early 20th century, when Komiža had over 5000 people, compared to only 1500 present inhabitants. There is a tradition every year on the St.Nicholas Day, the patron saint of travelers, sailors and the town itself, when the old wooden fishing boat is burnt in front of the church. According to pagan traditions and the ancient belief, this sacrifice will help protect sailors and the town. The beaches in Komiža and crystal clear sea are only cognizable by experience. It’s easy to enter another time-&-space-line being immersed in the colors of green & blue, with fresh & salty air caring seductive fragrance of Mediterranean herbs. We people usually call this kind of place – paradise.

Accommodation in Komiža is at your own expense, but we will gladly manage a good deal for us all (don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be all right, singin’…). For the price of 30 to 50 euros per night, there is a big selection of beautiful apartments and rooms all across the town. But then again, if you want a more raw style, when you purchase a ticket for a Goulash Disko festival, you will get a tent which you can set in the festival camping area. Everything is super close there and easy to reach on foot.


An hour-long bodywork session which you can additionally book is performed by Tomislav, who is a certified professional in the field. Treatment is highly rejuvenating for the whole system and will put you in a deep relaxation state of body and mind. You could experience some new insights within yourself, feel the discharge of some negative energy that you may hold in yourself, and as a result – a vibrant and joyful feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. Your energy levels will noticeably go up since there will be new space and understanding created within yourself.

Before the retreat

Meeting and gathering of all the participants start the day before, on Saturday (5th) afternoon. Everybody will meet for a dinner at the best vegan & macrobiotic restaurant in Zagreb from 6 PM onwards, and later on get their van, company, and heading for the secret spot in the mountain above the capital city of Zagreb. There we will sleepover and the next morning WE START THE JOURNEY!

Both the dinner in the restaurant and the first night in the vans are FREE, the gifts from the Rainbow Garden house. Let’s set the tone properly. 😉 After all, YOU are welcomed! A unique, exquisite soul ready to r’n’r! We most appreciate that.

After the retreat

Now, it’s Friday (11th) morning & the official part is over. Each person decides for themselves whether they go BIG or go home..kidding! 😉 Actually not kidding. Why? Well, the 2.5 hours ride with the ferry to a magical island of Vis, staying in the most charming little town of Komiža, the motorbikes ride across the island, the small boat adventure to a nearby heavenly island of Biševo, the music festival which sets the whole town in a surreal atmosphere with interesting people from all around the world, the sea… well… you don’t wanna miss that, right? PLUS, for those who stay with me experiencing all stated above – the Exercises & Meditation sessions, along with the guidance on the island will be offered completely for FREE! Remember? The official part is over, so we have some new rules over here – it’s called NO RULES! But hey, we want you to really enjoy yourself here… so the lunch you will never forget – done exclusively for our group in a small authentic place overlooking the transparently green lagoon on the island of Biševo – it’s on the Rainbow Garden house again, FREE! 😀 You gotta be joking if you say no to that! Since we (Tomi & Rainbow Garden) don’t profit from this unofficial part of the Journey, it’s really just a kind, genuine invitation for you to give yourself these extra days in paradise and experience a total reset. 

So here’s a question for you again:



All righty then, see you very, very soon! It’s closer then you think. And it’s waiting for us!