“A Midwinter’s Dream: With Pagan Poetry Into The New Year” is a 6-day (28.12.2019. – 2.1.2020.) special edition retreat, taking place in south-west France, near Toulouse. It is happening over the period of New Year celebration time, which is a perfect moment for reflecting upon our past, transmuting it with our presence, and consciously arranging future manifestation in a highly supportive atmosphere of joy, surrender and embracement of the best version of ourselves, all within a super open-minded group of people! We all together gonna share this very precious moment in Our Life’s Journey and celebrate it epically! 😉

What makes this retreat a special one?

Well, besides celebrating the night of collective transformation globally, we want to offer you something different! Yes… Today’s customs, as we all are aware of, somehow changed to being more commercialized, thus losing the magic and sacredness behind the original customs that once were a norm. Meaning, back in the days when people were still much connected physically and spiritually to cycles of natural transformation, celebration of important events, such as a transit to a new year, rituals of contemplation, protection and setting firm foundations for the upcoming shift were held within a small communities that would gather intentionally to support this great change. Energetically speaking, a united effort of such a Heart oriented group can easily support new intention within each individual participating in this ritual, and so creating new realities of joy and abundance, of a Life grounded through Heart in both Spirit and Earth. Mastering and uniting the opposite Expressions of the same Essence. All within us. Among us. This way, we are collectively creating the World we want to inhabit and share with each other. As with all the cycles and it’s changing nature, now again is the fruitful time to start and support this unifying Creation of all the Mankind. Let’s join our power and enjoy some magical time together!


* Morning Vinyasa Yoga Classes

* Daily Rituals & Purifying Practices

* Contemplation & Journaling

* Holistic Tao Exercises

* Evening Yin-Yang Dragon Dance

* 5 Elements Dance Meditations

* Nutritious & Organic Vegan Meals

* Cacao Sacred Ceremony

* New Year’s Eve Ritual & Feast

* Highly Supportive Community

* 5 Nights Accommodation in Paradise

* Indoor Fireplace & Sauna 🙂

* Instruction Language: English / German /French

* Skill Level: Come As You Are 😉


Chez Zen is a comfortable Retreat Centre with a boutique hotel style, located in the picturesque province of Gascony in the southwest of France, near Toulouse. Close to the Pyrenees, the 2.2-hectare estate stands alone on a hill and provides breathtaking views into wide valleys with poplars, vineyards and fields full of sunflowers. The beauty and endless expanse of nature all around create an ambiance of peace. Gascony is often known as the Tuscany of France, with rolling hills, a plethora of sunflowers, wonderful fortified hilltop villages and a multitude of vineyards, many producing the local nectar Armagnac. The least populated department in France and the whole of Europe, with empty roads, an almost total lack of mass-market commercialization, with the feel of a people truly at one with their land. This is an area of great natural beauty, very much rooted in its traditions and respect for its inhabitants, and was recently voted the second best place in the world to live in. Community life is still the norm here, with dozens of local markets selling provisions produced and sold directly by the farmers themselves, and each year, more of these products are organically produced.

The Centre is beautifully designed, with salt pool, terraces, big seminar room with fireplace, outer yoga deck, sauna, fully equipped kitchen, lovely decorated bedrooms, area for socializing, rest, contemplation, and huge garden around the main & guesthouses. It is the place for complete relaxation and reinvention of oneself. 🙂

Chez Zen, La Tombe
32500 La Sauvetat

* la Tombe / la Sauvetat

* a Tomb / a Salvation

Don’t you find it perfectly appropriate? 🙂


Mrs. Sunny Hoffmann will conduct the meditations, assisted by Tibetan cleansing techniques, as well as the 5 Elements Dance Ritual and Yin and Yang Yoga Elements.

Born in Berlin, she has been dancing since she can think of and has been teaching yoga since 2012. She is one of the “Dharma-ji Students”, where she completed her master training and received training in psychic development and Yoga Nidra. She is also an aerial, kids and family yoga teacher. Throughout her life she has been working on body & movement, communication & energy, transformation and trance. Her passion for Tibetan traditions and teachings is a recurrent theme in her studies that reflect in her work. You can find her at Dharma Yoga Berlin collective.


Mr. Thomas Abelar! The founder of Rainbow Garden, an MA in Psychology, Shiatsu art & bodywork practitioner, Teacher of Holistic exercises, Yoga, Macrobiotic Philosophy & Practice, Holistic Lifestyle coach.

With a rich experience in personal and collective dynamics support, leading yoga & holistic exercises classes and conscious cooking workshops, his style of intuitive and direct transmission of knowledge and information will leave you motivated and curious, which are exactly the prerequisites needed for any transformation to take place. During the retreat, Thomas will lead morning yoga & holistic exercises classes and can be additionally booked for private shiatsu & holistic counseling sessions upon request.


Mrs. Anja Schmidt, the sovereignty of all cooks will enchant us with her menu because cheerfulness goes through the stomach! Anja is a true „lekka köllsche“ girl and a golden heart. 

Anja likes to cook for her life and is very creative, innovative and spares no effort. 

She cooks the most delicious things with ease and always has something funny to tell. She’s just traveling the world, always looking for something new, meaningful and exciting to learn. 


The program of this retreat is based on holistic, yoga & meditation practice which would involve all kind of rituals for protection, opening and honoring our intimate space, Tibetan purifying techniques and contemplation, journaling, recreating our existence on all levels, cleaning consciously our energy field, preparing the terrain for the upcoming year, meditative dancing through 5 rhythms movement, cacao ceremony and healing foods, joyful group interaction and celebration of the New Year!

The days before the New Year’s Eve we are dealing with the old, the death, the letting go and honoring of the self that we are leaving behind, in the past. We dance our way into the new year with 5 elements dance meditation, music, joy, cacao ceremony and vegan feast. The first day of the New Year will be full of invitations, visions and creations, so we fully ground our new intentions in the physical reality of our mind, body and heart.

  ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥  ♥   ♥  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥    ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥    ♥  ♥    


An hour-long bodywork session which you can additionally book, is performed by Thomas (Shiatsu massage), who is certificated professional in the field. Treatment is highly rejuvenating for the whole system and will put you in a deep relaxation state of body and mind. You could experience some new insights within yourself, feel discharge of some negative energy that you may hold in yourself, and as a result – a vibrant and joyful feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. Your energy levels will noticeably go up since there will be new space and understanding created within yourself.


* Accommodation at Chez Zen

* Yoga Classes & Seminars

* Magical Entities for Rituals

* Meditation Classes

* Journaling Books

* Full Vegan Board

* Sauna


By plane:

Book your flight to arrive at Toulouse Airport (TLS).

Toulouse Airport to Chez Zen Centre: shuttle transport – 35 € pp for 7 people

By train / bus / car:

Take a train to Auch.

Take a bus from Auch to Fleurence.

Taxi from Fleurence to Chez Zen.