INFINITE RAINBOW” is a retreat-adventure, a special event and unique experience for all who participate in this 7-day program (September 7 – September 14, 2024) of pure pleasure, filled with authentic fellowship, magical energy created by the group, with content that opens new horizons of self-knowledge… See you on Vis Island, in Komiža – in the month of September, when in the south of Adriatic (Mediterraanean) is just a perfect time to immerse yourself in the comfort of silence and peace, with the warm rays of sun shimmering on the surface of the sea.

This holistic retreat is an unforgettable experience that supports the adventures of our spirit towards exploring our own infinity and inner wisdom.

The theme of this year’s work is “EXIT FROM THE COLLECTIVE MATRIX”.

The choice is then free for everyone to determine the function and meaning of the
(newly) recognized condition.

New time and space of everyday life require the acclimatization of one’s own psycho-physical apparatus in the direction of opening towards new dimensions of our existance and understanding of life. For this purpose, this holistic retreat is designed so that the energy transition of our being and consciousness continues to flow smoothly (and sweetly).

HOW? … 🙂

The space beyond thought is not accessed, but rather incarnated willingly (embodiment). Relatively speaking, however, there is a process by which the mind-body seems to reach and achieve this state. This magical act is a seemingly ordinary action that, with focused intention, becomes a bridge to inner silence. This successfully clears up (resolves) own misconceptions and obstacles on the further path of personal freedom. The inner path of wisdom is the only guide.

WHY? … 🙂

All creation arises from silence and in silence. It is then manifested through sound and light – the auditory and visual experience together create an impression of concreteness. From this inner impulse and impression, we create the world that we then experience. The circle continues endlessly. Conscious intervention is an intentional contribution to the process of creation. On a personal level, the power of articulating inner divine impulses gives life a meaning and a function that we choose for ourselves. The result is a satisfying and fulfilling life experience – on all levels of our being – physical, psychological (mental and emotional) and spiritual sphere of existence. Man develops creatively through a conscious approach to personal evolution. Energy is the currency with which we operate in known reality. More energy opens up more possible options. By “options” is meant the natural direction of the evolution of consciousness into higher states of being. All the energy for transformation is available if the person (ego) enters a pervasive and harmonious state with his spirit. The soul then has a real capacity for creation and self-knowledge.

This means consciously choosing and creating mental, psychological and spiritual states as needed and at will, free from the conditioned patterns and programs of the personal (theme of 2023) and collective (theme of 2024) matrix, unconsciously inherited through blood kinship, education (indoctrination), dysfunctional traumatic experiences, cognitive delusions based on the dual and illusory nature of the world (reflections of the Absolute) and formed as a result of exposure to society and socialization that follow collective norms.


* Morning practice of Yoga & Pranayama

* Healthy & delicious macrobiotic meals

* Holistic Tao energy exercises

* Holographic meditation

* Activation of the light body

* Ecstatic breathing (breathwork)

* Daily tasks and journaling

* Spiritual meetings and lectures

* A supportive community

* Excursions on the islands of Vis and Biševo

* Come As You Are 😉


We start the morning early, with the practice of Yoga & Pranayama with Marina, who will gently lead us into the day with her bright and warm energy. This practice opens our energy system for everything that follows in the day. And we have a lot of exciting things coming up. A wholesome breakfast based on whole grains that give us the stable and strong energy needed to calmly process the information we receive and release every day of the process/program will be prepared for us by Ivana, an excellent and creative cook with a particularly pronounced sensibility for preparing alchemical meals, in the Rainbow Garden way, of course. 🙂

Free time for swimming, exploring the beautiful Komiža or the island – definitely necessary space for personal contemplation and pleasure.

Next, the maestro of ceremonies, Tomislav, takes over.

Macrobiotic lunch is a poetry of five elements in itself, an artistic creation, unique and unrepeatable, like ourselves. These are types of energy meals created specifically for the needs of the group and the work that is performed during the retreat. Clean, strong and filled with the spirit of Love.

The afternoon is reserved for deep immersion in holistic exercises that are a combination of powerful energy exercises of different spiritual traditions, techniques and modalities – a special experience that Tomislav, with 20 years of active spiritual and mystical journey, conveys and transfers in a very special way in his work with the group.


Special emphasis during the retreat will be placed on two processes:

Activation of the light body

In the words of Saul Goodman, the creator of this psycho-spiritual modality: “Activating the light body is a process of realizing that there is a clearly defined energy matrix that extends from our physical body. This happens when the presence of this matrix registers in consciousness. Realization shakes the mind/body and initiates acceleration of matrix components, activities, and abilities. Activation of the light body opens the entrance to a library of information and multiple dimensions of experience. As we perfect the use of light body abilities, we gain access to an endless stream of discovery, education and quality entertainment of consciousness. Awakening to the presence of your own light body strongly enhances personal growth, relationship dynamics and understanding of our true nature. Why we are here in this life begins to become clear, and a roadmap of what we are meant to do accordingly is revealed. Activation provides a means for healing, regeneration and altered dimensions of experience. It offers a playground of awareness towards metaphysical discovery, decentralized spiritual growth and opportunities for independent verification of truth. Activation lifts the veil placed on our soul’s origins by conditioning and belief – and this allows for tremendous relief from life’s stress. The activation process also reveals a profound insight: the energy body (bioplasm) is a semi-permeable, selective membrane. It can be regulated according to the needs and goals of the awakening individual.”

The theme of EXITING FROM THE COLLECTIVE MATRIX permeates the entire experience of our work during the retreat. In addition to an excellent balanced diet, energy exercises and special lectures/performances on the theme of the retreat, an important part of this work relates precisely to the experiential aspect of the energy body as a portal to expanded consciousness. Classic thought patterns were replaced by new qualitative insights in the spirit. A completely new set of internal data/information processing tools is being created, based on the free consciousness of the creator.

Further, “the light body is the operating system of the next stage in human evolution. It affects a paradigm shift in our perceptions, values ​​and experience. The light body is an energy matrix that develops from human physiology, especially the nervous system. It is a physio-energetic system that is currently developing rapidly due to various influences such as the force of evolution, involution and digital wireless technology. The light body consists of several layers and components that change at a logarithmic rate. This is similar to when the neural network of the brain suddenly expanded 2 million years ago during what is called a “quantum leap”. The process is a continuation of what began as a single cell within the ancient ocean of Earth and transformed over billions of years into a multicellular being of consciousness. The synergy of matrix components gradually provides expanded opportunities and realizations for group, social interaction. The system is becoming increasingly sophisticated to accommodate our vehicle of consciousness as it begins to function in a multidimensional arena. This includes the physical plane, the consciousness plane, and dimensions where the perception of linear time gives way to a timeless continuum.”

Ecstatic breathing (breathwork)

According to the work model of Scott Schwenk, the originator of this technique of conscious breathing, during the retreat we will devote ourselves to the transformative power of the breath through five units: the level of body, mind, heart, feelings and final integration. “Breathing has been used for thousands of years to access the silence that exists outside the thinking mind. Year after year, our experiences build upon each other, storing imprints in the body and nervous system. These undigested past experiences can create blockages, preventing us from accessing the feelings of freedom and fullness that exist beneath the layers. These imprints cannot be ‘unthought’, but we can use them in breathing with intention to bring them to the surface and clear them from the body. Guided Ecstatic Breathing is a simple but powerful technique for erasing these imprints and creating space for our consciousness to access and expand. No matter where we are on our growth journey, breathing is a powerful tool for deep inner work and revolutionary personal growth. The breath is an irreplaceable source for supporting the ultimate health and vitality of the body, accessing creativity and experiencing deep love and fulfillment from within. Our inner state always determines our outcomes in life, and the breath is the simplest way to upgrade our inner state. With the exercise, we will begin the alchemical work with the breath, which is reflected in the entire biochemistry of the body. Breathing is a powerful tool for optimizing the body, digesting old and current emotions, dissolving the tyranny of the ego-based analytical mind, and deepening intimacy with all that truly matters. Breathing is a very effective tool for moving energy and clearing trauma, anxiety and anger that have accumulated in our nervous system. This clears space in the mind and allows love to grow in the heart.”  

Intensive work in which many new insights are available that enrich us dimensionally into beings of expanded awareness… We will record all this in our work diary, along with the specific tasks and instructions we carry out during the retreat. Holographic meditation in the evening will unify and integrate new experiences, and prepare us for quality rest at the end of each day. Every day will seem like a dream… A dream from which we consciously wake up and see Ourselves in a new Light.


Tomislav Mađar is the founder, head of the Rainbow Garden Academy of Conscious Evolution, M.Sc. in Psychology, shiatsu bodywork therapist, teacher of holistic exercises, yoga, conscious breathing, macrobiotic philosophy and practice, holographic meditation. He is the author of the Conscious Cooking School, the Elixiria experience seminar, the Conscious Cooking Night, the Infinite Rainbow retreat and the Rainbow Fiesta event, a holistic consultant and mentor on the subject of a creative approach to personal development – conscious evolution and holistic lifestyle design. Former multiple champion of Croatia in Judo – in love with nature, sailing, music and design – inspired by his endless love for his daughters. With rich experience in supporting personal and group dynamics and authentic style of intuitive and direct transfer of knowledge, he leaves his clients, students and colleagues motivated and curious – which are exactly the prerequisites for a quality transformation of consciousness.

At the retreat, together with Tomislav, there will also be present Marina Isailović – in the role of a yoga teacher, and Ivana Milenkov – in the role of a kitchen wizard. ***** RAINBOW GARDEN APPROVED TEAM. ✅ 😉


Komiža is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia, located on the island of Vis, which the World Environmental Organization and the Nature Awareness Foundation have designated as one of the 10 most ecologically preserved islands in the Mediterranean. With its moderate and warm climate that allows for tropical and Mediterranean vegetation, the island of Vis is also abundant with natural sources of drinking water. Komiža is a picturesque, old fishing village with the most sunny days of the year, centuries-old carob trees, an abundance of olive and lemon trees, beautiful and charming stone houses, medicinal Mediterranean herbs and vineyards. The long fishing tradition goes back to the golden age of the early 20th century, when Komiža had 5,000 inhabitants, compared to only 1,500 today. It is customary that every year on the day of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of travelers, sailors and the city itself, an old wooden fishing boat (Falkuša) is burned in front of the Church. According to pagan traditions and ancient belief, this sacrifice helps protect sailors and the city. The beaches in Komiža and the crystal clear sea can only be known through experience. It’s easy to enter another space-time line immersed in shades of blue and green, with fresh and salty air nurturing the seductive scent of Mediterranean herbs. We people usually call such places – Paradise.


You can book a one-hour shiatsu treatment separately during the duration of the program. Tomislav is a certified shiatsu therapist with over 10 years of experience working with clients. The treatment is very useful and stimulating for the entire energy system and leads to a deep state of relaxation and rest of the mind and body. You could experience and realize new insights about your own condition, release negative energy and stress that you may be carrying, and as a result feel alive with a joyous feeling of freshness and enthusiasm. Your energy level will noticeably increase due to the newly created space for self-understanding.


* 7x wholesome breakfast

* 8x macrobiotic lunch

* 7x hours of yoga practice (60′)

* 7x hours of holistic exercises (120′)

* 7x hours of guided meditation (30′)

* 8 days/7 nights of accommodation in Komiža (huge private house with a swimming pool from which you can see the whole of Komiža and the bay, olive grove, outdoor gym, yoga deck) 

* Final dinner in a traditional island restaurant 🥂   

* 8 days of pure fun and deeply dedicated spiritual work 😉


If you are coming by plane, book your flight to Split (Split Airport).

Split Airport – Split Ferry Port (30 min by bus – price 6.00 – 8.00 EUR).

Split ferry port – Vis island (2h20 min by ferry – price 8.60 EUR): ferry 07.09.2024. departs from Split at 09:00 (at 11:20 you are on Vis, and at noon already in Komiža – just as you get comfortable – lunch is ready!). It passes between the islands of Šolta and Brač, and later along Hvar island. A wonderful experience every time!

The town of Vis – the town of Komiža (15 minutes by bus/taxi/shuttle bus): the transfer stops at the port of Vis and waits for newly arrived passengers, which it takes directly to Komiža, a town about 10 kilometers away, at the other end of the island.