You are here. Now.


What is it that you really want?  …  What you don’t want will eventually lead you to the answer.

Feeling tired?  …  Rest is needed – let me show you how peacefulness feels in your body & mind.

Is no-one acknowledging your efforts?  …  You are One magnificently beautiful & powerful Soul, shining with your Love through all the lives that you’ve touched, I know you know this. Now it’s your turn to get it all back.

Has your heart been wounded?  …  Let us take care of this precious gem. This is essential.

How about your energy levels, general strength?  …  With simple and extremely effective energy & meditative exercises I will show you, you will gain all & more in no time.

Is your diet supporting you in the best possible way?  …  Don’t worry, you have met the master of the art – soon you will share this passion with me! Conscious cooking is basic for magical life to live.

You have already taken many actions that uplifted your life experience beautifully, but still want to progress on your consciousness evolution journey?  …  You’ve come to the right place… now we will make it from here all the way to your True home, to your inner temple of Love.


What is holistic counseling all about?

Holistic counseling & coaching offers you the possibilities of tremendous personal growth and abundance. All it takes is all of you. But you already know that. What you are perhaps missing are the steps that lead you to the throne of your Kingdom, which is there, waiting and longing for you. While we deal with everyday affairs in a non-productive manner, all the energy which could have been invested gets instead – wasted. This is how we get hurt in the end by our very own actions. To take responsibility really means to take action in the radically new way – towards self-fulfillment, as opposed to the fulfillment of the old mental and emotional constructs that we mostly inherited or unconsciously picked up down the road during our conformist and passive behavior. All the suggested behaviors & ideas about the life of the others that we observed were there in the first place to challenge us to take our own stand and point of view, not to adopt them immediately as our own models of behavior. No, that was not their Real purpose, but nonetheless, we did as everybody did, because – that’s how things are done – they told us. What seems in the beginning to be easier way in terms of energetical investment (just go with the flow – they say), later turns out to be harder to overcome, since addiction to a certain way of functioning has already taken over our senses of self-sustainable discernment of what’s the most beneficial act for us in a certain situation. Since illusion is highly seductive, we lose our protective guard (immunity) in a most charming way. But the high price we pay hunts us day and night, in our dreams and visions, through our imagination, reminding us that the Spirit is there, waiting for our genuine Act on the matter. Only then, maybe for the first time ever, we decide on our own. And then magic starts happening in the most mysterious ways. Life sets before us most unique experiences that were waiting just for us all the time, to live them fully and passionately, like there’s no tomorrow.

Tomorrow has come, for sure, and you are living it now. You know it because your past evaporates in front of your eyes like a steam of boiling water, ready to be poured over tea, while you are sitting in a profound peace, observing the Self in full presence. You are alive. You realize – pain (hell) is temporary, glory (heaven) is forever! But in order to reach this endless peace, we have to master temporary obstacles down the road (earth).

With holistic counseling & coaching, we are doing just that. After you understand & consciously tap into patterns that no longer serve you, you are free to walk in your integrity… and the pleasure of such an attainment – will be all yours.


To realize the new version of ourselves – one that stands strong and undisturbed by the outer stimuli, but rather fully aware of conscious expression of our personal needs & desires – we need the holistic approach that can generate all the energy we need to endure the process of transformation. There are five pillars on which holistic counseling treatment is based on: 1. Natural diet – Macrobiotics / 2. Holistic exercises & Yoga / 3. Conscious breathwork / 4. Holographic meditation / 5. Psycho-spiritual guidance. Meaning, we are supporting our whole being on a physical, psychological & spiritual dimension. For this, we will dive deep into conscious relation with the energy of the food we eat, the way we breathe and move our body, making necessary changes there, thus creating a stable foundation for our physical experience. Same applies for our psycho-spiritual wellbeing – conscious conversation and interaction, self-inquiry, contemplation and perception exercises, meditation and presence with our uncertainties, fears, and limitations will get us safely through the process of Self-realization. Let me assure you, there are no short-cuts in this game. You do it fully or you don’t do it at all. The choice is always yours.


If what you have read resonates with your inner truth and would like to experience radical evolutionary shift aiming at your real happiness and fulfillment rooted in your full presence, try free session first without any obligations, and decide later if this is something of a worth for you. It becomes a gift if you will – but only if you take it.

When we are in tune with our true path, even small inputs that we give from our part always result in greater outputs that we could ever imagine receiving. Possibilities are endless… So are you.

You did it?

Great, looking forward to meeting you! For the start – get yourself cozy, prepare a cup of your favorite tea. The rest will unfold naturally.

See you soon! 🙂