Conscious evolution – in the most diverse forms, practices and theories of various cultures and traditions of personal development – is a fundamental theme in the approach to the holistic development of Being. The human form is initially saturated with the Spirit, that is, the bearer of Holiness represented on the earthly dimension of Existence. In worldly life, the soul certainly goes through a wealth of experiences on a relative level, realizing its full potential in the game of the Infinite. In this sense, it is possible to move slower and faster. The combination of these influences will produce what we call our uniqueness, a specific and authentic expression of what we Are, in a way unique to us. We find Unity in complete diversity. On this Path, everyone is a guide and support for everyone else. In order to achieve optimal flow, it is necessary to enter into direct knowledge of our Way based on the collected experiences. But what is optimal? … At this point enters the idea of ​​energy as the bearer of the quality of our experiences. In order for this quality to be the highest possible, it is necessary to know how to manage energy resources. This applies to all levels of life. When we talk about the internal accumulation of energy by which we will produce personal excellence (the technical name for the experience of enlightenment or the stable experience of Truth), we are actually talking about conscious self-navigation through the space-time continuum. An independent and sovereign determination of what We are, based on Freedom of Decision. We need a high level of pure energy to first create what we want, then keep what is ours anyway, and finally understand the essence of our Being that we are Everything. In this state, the struggle of will and desire is abandoned, and victory no longer has a function in the classical sense of the word. We go beyond all this, we transcend the dynamics of the Relative so that in the fullness of the Absolute and detachment we can experience the beauty of it – life on Earth. From seeing and participating, we move into seeing and creating. In peace.

It is in this way that the Rainbow Garden Academy has descended into this dimension of existence, in the form in which it is available today to those who feel the need for support on their personal Path to Freedom. The holistic approach enables extremely fast transformation and alchemical transmutation according to the Light level of being in the Heart, without bypassing the necessity of the individual to realize the Imagination through complete devotion and commitment to Oneself. The sweetness of Flight is certainly possible with a certain dose of bitterness. This is the element of Fire that purifies our Memory, the memory of what We Are.

May the purity of the Heart and awake Consciousness always accompany you on your journey to Eternity!


* The beautiful video is the property of the Greenpeace organization – with the message of raising awareness on the importance of ocean cleanliness in the global ecosystem – let’s save the waters of our planet!



The Academy realizes its function with two interconnected program units:



The presentation of the program, learning and free interaction of participants – with each other and with the content of the program – take place entirely online through video materials available for use at any time, in any place where there is access to the Internet connection. All content is clearly arranged by topics:

Holistic exercises

Holographic meditation

Conscious cooking LIVE

Teatime (spiritual meeting) LIVE

+ other valuable contents such as the 21-day ACTIVATION COURSE, …

Part of the content is presented through high-quality production videos, the other (main) part is through live broadcasts. The program of the Academy is ongoing, which means you can join anytime. After the 1.2.2022. only 108 people will be granted entrance for a 10€/month.



A holistic approach allows the practitioner to progress quickly in their evolution, at the pace and speed that are most conducive to such exceptional work. Through the practice of conscious cooking, skills are learned and one enters into understandings of energy cooking and food preparation in a way that supports the already existing resources in the individual, while opening some new ones.

Energy levels are rising rapidly, and with it the good feeling and ease needed to cope with the weight of old programs. Already in the previous sentence, the dynamics of Yin & Yang are noticeable, a topic that we deal with more deeply through the work of the Academy. By understanding the elements we further open the capacity of inner Silence. From there, we consciously create our sounds – the frequencies and vibrations that make us up. In the practice of holistic exercises (yoga, energy exercises, self-massage, acupressure, bodywork, …) we bring what we have learned to the level of the body, deepening the growth process – we apply it practically in our daily lives that take on a new quality. We then contemplate and meditate on Existence in the practice of conscious breathing. Through our spiritual (and witty) meetings and fellowships we open our senses to the new, connect, support and have fun. We enjoy the synergy of all this and witness the beauty of Being. Separately, and together. Different, but the same.

Love is a state that we feel as Natural, as an expression of what We Are.

Through a holistic philosophy of life & practice of macrobiotics, it is possible to achieve personal well-being at all levels of existence. Universal principles – their understanding and application – determine the degree of happiness, peace and health that we embody in our daily actions and endeavors. With the practice of conscious cooking, food preparation and conscious relationship with the elements we use to support the development of our wholeness – we consciously create a sacred space of our being – a place and time where we sovereignly realize ideas and desires on the path of personal freedom and communication of our truth. Awake life is the natural heritage of free people.

Holistic exercises are a combination of contemplative yoga exercises, meditation, meridian awareness, conscious breathing and energy exercises, healing sounds, eye and face exercises, self-massage, healing techniques for internal organs, focus of intention on inner silence and self-regulation on horizontal and vertical axis of our being. Through the practice of holistic exercises, energy flows within a person very quickly adapt to optimal psychophysical functioning, thus supporting health, rejuvenation and self-awareness. There is a growing sense of vitality, harmony and inner peace, accompanied by experiences that are increasingly integrated into a complete and authentic personal expression.



Tomislav Mađar is the founder of Rainbow Garden, an MA in Psychology, Shiatsu bodywork therapist, Teacher of Holistic exercises, Yoga, Tao, Macrobiotic Philosophy & Practice, Holistic Lifestyle Designer, author of the School of Conscious Cooking and Elixiria Experience seminar. Tomislav is a former multiple champion of Croatia in judo martial art ~ in love with nature, sailing, music and design ~ inspired by endless love for his twin daughters. He is a host in his own television show “5 elements kitchen” produced by KitchenTV, and also performs with his Conscious cooking night concept. With rich experience in personal and collective dynamics support, leading transformative & holistic exercises classes, and conscious cooking workshops, his style of intuitive and direct transmission of knowledge and information will leave you motivated and curious, which are exactly the prerequisites needed for any transformation to take place.

Tomislav is one of those beings you want to have in your life because he is an inexhaustible source of valuable knowledge. He gives a lot of himself and does it with a lot of love. Once we come across such an opportunity we can only appreciate it and actually enjoy it. Thank you Tomi for everything you are and for everything you know.


Tomi, a wonderful being who reminded me again that daily work on oneself is necessary as drinking water, desirable as an exotic journey, and sacred as a deity. He will whisper to you the small secrets of cooking and the big ones for life, move you into a healthy movement and feed you with positivity. And then when you meet the whole team! No words can tell.


Tomislav supports firmly, with quality and completeness at all levels. He engage a holistic approach and gives you exactly what you need on the path of personal development, where he helps to make it as fast as possible while providing invaluable knowledge. Uncompromising, always smiling and gentle. Whichever program you choose, personal transformation is guaranteed.


Tom, despite not consciously asking for it, the moment was enough to recognize your purity. That is why I sincerely appreciate your intention and reciprocate for the good of us lucky ones you reach out to.


At the moment when I needed him, Tomislav appeared with lectures on conscious living. Every day, with his words, he encourages my spiritual growth and return to myself. Tomislav is a wonderful soul driven by love. It is a great pleasure to listen to him and be guided by the principles that he fully lives and teaches. I would recommend everyone to embark on this journey of a lifetime!


I joined the Rainbow Garden group just when I needed it. I was energetically low and the group helped me recover. It’s the most beautiful thing that happened to me last year. Tomislav works a lot with the members of the Academy and in my 48 years, I have not met such a great personality Tomislav has. I am very grateful to be a member of his Rainbow Garden group and to have the privilege of hanging out with such quality and positive people.


So many wonderful energies have opened up through this group that it is almost indescribable. Tomi is a beautiful soul who attracts other beautiful souls to create a new world together. I like the way knowledge, messages, techniques, creations, music, laughter, and wonderful energies are conveyed. All of this prompted me to move on, put myself in a new perspective, and live what I am. Whoever is ready for THEMSELVES this is the right place to start discovering.