Rainbow Garden is a community of people who are in love with personal as well as collective growth and evolution.

Together we consciously explore and celebrate life with a holistic approach to mindful bodywork, movement, balance, art, and open communication. Our practice is rooted in holistic psychology and philosophy of macrobiotic teachings, yoga science, Taoist inner energy work and alchemical breathwork. We coordinate horizontal and vertical navigation with the conscious intention on all levels of our multidimensional self-awareness.

A new era in human awareness has begun. It’s a fact which more & more people realize on daily basis, through their new perception of themselves and the ideas that they hold about the ever-changing, magical world we all live in.

I personally incarnated for the reason of supporting that evolutionary trend, being a medium of transformation and reinvention of one’s perceptions.

Rainbow Garden serves as a big Screen on which I can project the Knowledge, enabling me at the same time to be the witness of that extraordinary process. To stand in front, on an open stage – is to experience me as anyone from the audience. In the end, there is no one there, yet the Play of the Consciousness is felt.

I invite you to explore That.

Share the Fire with Me.

The time is Now.

Thomas Abelar (earthly Tomislav Mađar) is the founder and master architect of Rainbow Garden. He’s an MA in Psychology, Shiatsu art & bodywork practitioner, Teacher of Holistic exercises, Yoga and Macrobiotic Philosophy & Practice.

“For those of you who need such validations and information, which is completely understandable, I give you a peek inside my journey in the following story below. However, for those of you who are not exclusively interested when & where I have been and who I have met or what I did, those of you will naturally know me by Seeing the Truth – I am That. It takes one to know One.”

So… His journey started immediately. Skiing from the age of two, his early childhood consisted of multiple sports activities and long summer sailing with his family along the Adriatic coast and all those magical islands.

“Sailing was developing my inner space with speed and an extent which was not so clear to me at the time but came into play much later. I used to sit for hours at the bow of the sailboat and looking hypnotized at the sea, the reflections of the sun and small waves which would form, the horizon in distance, various shores which we explored, the endless sky above myself. Now I know, I was immersed in the present moment with my whole being. In my mind, there were no thoughts at all, only everpresent silence and sincere interest for experiences which I was absorbing completely. Above me firey Sun shining, beneath me deep Water moving. Nature loved me. And I loved her, always and forever.”

He finished the music school where he was fortunate enough to be thought the art of saxophone by most talented and virtuous man at the time, an internationally recognized expert in the field. While playing sax in the local orchestra, his days were full of music composing in his mind, but he never wrote it down. Some things are destined to remain just a sweet memory. From then on, he learned how to play drums and percussion of a different kind, and a panpipe, which he still plays today, occasionally, when the moment is right.

“After Judo martial art – which I was practicing for almost 10 years, learned my first lessons about winning and losing, and then continuously winning the national & international tournament for years – I was finally ready for complete integration of movement and breath, in an atmosphere of peace and total presence with myself. Yoga was that natural follow-up of my journey, and it seemed like it appeared in my Life from nowhere. In Judo, I had the opponent standing in front of me – in Yoga, the opponent was hiding inside of me. So, there I was, 16 years old boy, the only male in the room, standing on my yoga mat, my first yoga class is about to begin. Precious. A new stage in Eternity. I had absolutely no idea that in 12 years from that moment I will stand in front of the group and guide people in their experience of Yoga.”

With Yoga & meditation, his interest in more esoteric and metaphysical Knowledge took off. He started studying Psychology, and very soon enroled in Shiatsu International School as well. Then seminars on Macrobiotics came into play, Reiki and energy workshops, courses on Transforming Personal Karmic Patterns, Yoga Teacher School, Direct Truth Experience seminar, Family constellation workshop, Italy based School of Personal Development rooted in Essene tradition with an Ancient Shamans framework, and many other seminars on finding the authentic Source within.

“The more I discovered the more sure I was that searching for answers was not my true intention and that at some point it will and has to come to an end. But I also knew that I have to take that road and endure it for a period of time, so I can be strong enough to stand on my own when Realization hits me. I was devotedly founding and establishing the Truth within myself and was quietly constructing my escape from the illusion, behind the mind’s back. For that, I needed all the creativity and energy resources available to me.”

His 20’s were rich in experiences of the ordinary and non-ordinary world, equally. All the schools have been finished, all the seminars attended, all the workshops digested. But Life.., well, there are always some hidden gems, right?

“I became a father of twin girls. Magic beyond everything I knew before. Pure Love. There I was, at the very beginning again, at the space where Life springs into manifestation. My eyes were glowing, a new vision was slowly taking over my senses, transforming me to the bone.”

After years of leading Yoga classes in different places, he finally opened his own underground Art & Yoga Temple of Rainbow Garden. It was an experimental phase where his unique style of teaching and performing the art of Yoga was fully incarnated and set in free motion.

“First Master of Life, I encountered in my early 20’s. Since then, it passed more than 10 years – feels like yesterday or maybe lifetimes ago, it really is the same. He taught me Macrobiotics, the Yin-Yang dynamic. I learned about Life, Spirit, and God. It was a food for my Soul, intensive years of awareness development and evolution – physically, psychologically and spiritually. That I am God and limitless Soul (we all are) – there were no doubt about it – but what a piece of junk and cissy my ego-self was at the times – that’s the thing he was also showing me, teaching all of us how to get rid of that, how to remain Present in presence of Everything..and everything else, as well.

I feel blessed going through that experiences, which many times took place in the natural surrounding, where we would gather for days, doing all sort of consciousness work, presence work, communicating truth among ourselves and encountering different states of consciousness. My sense of ordinary reality melted away like a butter disappearing in the parallel world. I entered Eternity – and since that is quite a task, after those experiences, each time I needed to relearn everything society and the world taught me, reestablish the sense of myself and manage to write my own script.

To this day, I am faithful to the Only Truth I have ever known – Love.”

Blessings to All,