Hello dear One

Rainbow Garden is a community dedicated to personal and collective growth and exploration of conscious life through shiatsu bodywork, yoga movement, balance and art. We practice macrobiotic philosophy, energy work through breath, inner & outer ecology awareness and are open to all approaches that bring and preserve peace of mind, body and spirit. Awakened experimenting & conscious life designing is our way to be the change we want to see in the world of miraculous and endless possibilities. Namaste

There is nothing which Heaven does not cover, and nothing which Earth does not sustain. Chuang Tzu

A retreat is special, quality time which we invest to explore our deepest truth, while at the same time we get to share our joy with those who understand us. We all support each other, taking our journey to the next level, giving back our presence and insights to the community of like-minded souls. For a human, it’s vital to make meaningful, new connections on as many levels one can manage and comprehend. Socializing in the atmosphere of love & acceptance is a rare condition in today’s world of competition and stress-related activities. We look at all kind of things, but seldom see beauty in someone’s eyes. Well, retreat in the natural surrounding is exactly that – chance to feel our roots again. Come as you are.

During workshops, we learn intensively about many forms and faces Life sets before us, so we can understand it, and have a meaningful relationship with it. Topics about the psychology of our mental, emotional and spiritual evolution, understanding sexuality and interaction phenomena, conscious diet & lifestyle, the importance of meditation & silence, the way we talk & walk – all this is interconnected and revealed through the macrobiotic philosophy of holistic & conscious life that we all choose to create together. Our mind needs some pieces of information – so we provide them. Our emotions, in order to be integrated, need space  – so we create it. When all is set – peace will be a natural outcome. Only then can we understand. Workshops are intended to bring us to that threshold. You alone will make the next step.

Treatments in form of private sessions are based on the premise that our natural legacy is one of complete serenity and inner joy. To be able to consciously create a life that we want, our Being has to be free from contaminated ideas that many time turn to be unreal and unsustainable for us. It’s the moment of our conscious intention and effort where we can dismiss and discharge those false impressions. In treatment, which is a sacred and intimate ritual devoted to our wellbeing, you get all the support available to reinvent yourself. Oftentimes our insights gained in the process of treatment can be surprisingly powerful on all levels of our existence. Go all the way, know yourself.